Why IceJet ?

Why riders love the Ice Jet

The Ice Jet is the perfect for fans of fantastic thrills, delivering an exciting ride experience.

As the only Ice Jet in Europe, the ride offers a unique and exhilarating ride experience. The Ice Jet is full of fast paced fun, being able to reach speeds of over 50mph due to its 17RPM motor. The excitement doesn’t end there, as the Ice Jet is a full audio-visual ride experience. Home to over 5,000 running lights, including neon lights, lasers, lanterns, and tube lights, as well as 10 disco balls, the visual effects are spellbinding. On top of this, the ice jet has an optional fitted CO2 cannon, further ramping up the incredible experience of the ride. The Ice jet is the only Matterhorn ride that goes backwards, adding to the dizzying fun. The custom Bell Audio system leads to an intense ride experience and is made by the same manufacturer who serves Red Bull festival events, the Nürburgring Porsche showroom, and various festivals, all of which are improved by amazing sound. To top it all off, the Ice Jet also has spellbinding visuals, being covered in over 40 custom hand painted murals in a winter theme, over 100 3D molded icicles, and our 4 friendly model polar bears!

Why our customers love the Ice Jet

The Ice Jet is loved by customers and riders alike, as it is an attraction that prioritizes exciting thrills, practicality, and safety.

The Ice Jet is perfect for large events, as it has a very high capacity. It has 20 cars and 40 seats offering 400 exciting rides an hour to adventurous riders. That makes it perfect for a high turnaround to prevent the build-up of crowds and allow as many people as possible to experience the fun.

Despite the rides high intensity, it is also incredibly safe. The Ice Jet exceeds European safety standards, is fully TUV compliant, and is ADIPS, Electric, and NDT tested. It is the only Matterhorn ride in Europe with a safety car breaking system. The Ice Jet is also fully insured.

As the ride is such an intense audio-visual experience, we inevitably use a lot of electricity. We aim to do this in as environmentally friendly a way as possible however, which is why all the lights on the Ice Jet use LED and SMD light sources that reduce power wastage as much as possible. We are also provide the up to 70 kva power supply the ride requires, to make set up as smooth as possible.

With all these amazing features, and a legion of happy fans, the Ice Jet will be the shining star of your winter event, and a thrill-seekers favourite year-round!