Events/Case Studies

Events planning can and will involve a lot of challenges, but at Ice Jet, we strive at overcoming them.

We have provided attractions to a variety of events that came with their own individual complications and have dealt with them with ease.

Ice Jet have a vast wealth of experience in all aspects of the events planning and attraction hire industry. We are more than used to running high capacity events, which usually require guidance with on site planning to reduce the chance of “bottle neck” areas to maintain a free flow of moving public in highly serviced sections. However, we also enjoy running much smaller niche events, which are usually located in amazing areas of the world, something that presents its own complications as these areas rarely have readily available infrastructure in place.

City Centre Challenges

One of the most challenging occasions in terms of planning can be large, city centre based events. Anyone who has attended a winter funfair or Christmas market can tell you, these events can cause a great deal of issues with managing foot traffic. However, these are issues we are more than used to dealing with. We work hard to reduce the risk of any ‘bottle-neck’ areas forming and try to maintain a free flow of movement in any highly serviced areas. We are used to route planning for traffic management, as well as undertaking elements of crowd control. We are also used to undertaking attraction construction at abnormal hours, often working through the night to ensure minimal disruption to local businesses.

Festival Madness

Another often challenging event in terms of set up is the festival. These are often held at sites that require a great deal of infrastructure planning, with most of the preparation having to be done months before the event. At previous festivals we have dealt with temporary water and power supplies, as well as custom site entrances. We have a wealth of established contacts able to serve almost every On-site need. Our close contacts can handle everything from temporary basic amenities like water systems and waste removal, to one off engineering projects aiming to tackle impossible site entrances or simply just to provide custom event theming to help the client realize their envisioned event.

For these events, we usually provide temporary ground protection services while the installation and dismantlement of attractions takes place, in order to preserve the natural environment. We want the sites we use to stay pristine both during and after the event has taken place, so the beautiful sites can continue to be enjoyed for years to come. At festivals we also tend to have multiple staff shifts running to ensure that in an almost 24-hour day, we can still compete and provide exciting rides to visitors around the clock. We do all this while maintaining a high standard of crowd management, safety, and sound level management. We are also able to organize shipping and transport of the attraction, and other attractions to anywhere in the world potentially, meaning the potential for wonderful locations for events is endless.

We tailor our service entirely around the events we serve and rise to challenges as and when they are thrown at us.